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How to use calculated fields with multiple conditions

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This article is from the book "Access 2007 Pure SQL

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Calculated fields with multiple conditions

Provide customers with different discounts based on their city


Suppose we want to provide a 20% discount for products from SupplierID=1, 15% for those from SupplierID=2, 18% for those from SupplierID=3, and 25% for those from SupplierID=4.  In addition, we might want to provide a 10% discount for all of the rest of the products regardless of supplier.  The switch function comes to the rescue here, providing the flexibility to give us the results we need.



SELECT productname,


SupplierID = 1,                       ProductUnitPrice*(1-0.2),

SupplierID = 2,                       ProductUnitPrice*(1-0.15),

SupplierID = 3,                       ProductUnitPrice*(1-0.18),

SupplierID = 4,                       ProductUnitPrice*(1-0.25),

TRUE,                                     ProductUnitPrice*(1-0.1)


AS ProductPrice

FROM Products